Thursday, 23 January 2014


I have a good (?) old-fashioned head know the sort.....a mizzy head, sore nose and that bit between your nose and top lip through having to blow my nose a gazillion times today; I don't feel ill, don't ache, don't have a sore throat or a fever....but I DO feel bleugh, and could have done with being able to mooch around today, preferably under a duvet, instead of having to look after 20 small children.
So, you can imagine how excited I was to find a parcel waiting for me, when I got home...especially as I've not ordered anything recently. You simply can't imagine the joy I felt (nor the excited little happy dance that I did) on opening it and finding this....

...a bag....a perfect, PERFECT bag! Just look at it...

EVERYTHING about it is wonderful, right down to the little zipped inside pocket. It even has FEET to protect it's bottom (now there's a sentence!!)....

It was made by an Internet Friend, Judith, over at .....I'd even read about it earlier in the week, and thought how lovely it was, never imagining it might be for me!! I only know Judith through Blogland, but she couldn't have chosen better for me, if she'd grown up beside me!! It even has a chicken on it, for goodness sake, and not many people know about my love of chickens!!
It came with this book.....

...which I've wanted to read for a while. Inside the book is a little explanation from a lady I've never met, Teje, over at . The book is a "Travelling Book"....the idea being that the recipient reads it, then sends it on to another quilting friend, along with a quilted item as a gift. What a really lovely idea, and I'm truly thrilled to be a part of it. Thank you so very, very much, Judith, for thinking of me, and thank you Teje, for your original idea.
Now, I'm going to have to love you and leave you, as I have a hot date with my duvet and a rather good book! xx


  1. Aw you're so welcome my friend! So pleased you like it - the cute chicken was a complete guess! Sorry you are feeling yuk, but glad my wee parcel cheered you up! Enjoy! Jxo

  2. Hi, I just found your blog. I love the bag that Judith made and the idea with the book. I have read some of your posts and think the idea of postponing Christmas 'til March is a great idea and made me laugh out loud. Sue :)

  3. Well, you lucky duck, sorry, chicken!