Saturday, 22 November 2014

5th October?????????

Good grief!! I could NOT believe that that was the last time I'd popped along here, to share my thrilling times with you!! It's well over a month ago!! When I first started my Blog World Adventure, I came here nearly every I can barely manage once a month!! I must try harder! Please could someone organise a few more hours for my day? Please?
Part of the problem (the one I'm sticking to, anyway!) is that much of what I'm working on, is for other people. Other people who want to keep the work quiet for Father Christmas reasons. So that leaves me with next to nothing to show you......except of course, this.....

"This" is Daughter No.2 on her Graduation Day. After 3 years of EXTREMELY hard work on her part (and some Hand Holding Supporting Mummy work on mine) she has graduated with a First Degree Honours in Theatre Studies. YAY! I'm still SSSSOOOO proud that I could self combust at any minute!!
I have also been dabbling with some tiny hexies......

....and a raffle prize....

But that truly is all I can tell you about, at the moment. I haven't even had any exciting adventures recently....apart from the obvious risk of self combustion.
I'll leave you now, before you keel over with boredom. I'll try and be back before Easter. xx

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  1. Aw what a proud mummy you must be! Well done to your lovely daughter! And your teeny hexies are divine! Don't keep us in suspenders for too much longer!!Jxo