Tuesday, 26 June 2012

New beginnings

Well, after vowing to remain true to letter writing, in the old fashioned way (remember pretty paper, fountain pen, stamps??) I have finally succumbed to the pressure of the internet, as the quickest and easiest way of getting my work seen! Heaven help me (and possibly you), as I`m possibly the most computer illiterate person you`ve yet to meet. Please do not hold your breath for many photos.....and those that DO make it onto these pages, are likely to be the most basic of all basics!! You have been warned, so no complaints later, please! Actually, I`ve just realised that I have absolutely NO idea how to put photos on this page....hmmm......steep learning curve looming. Thank gooness for teenage offspring-one of them will sort it out..... So. If you enjoy needlework, and think you can put up with me, then please follow me, and we`ll see where this all leads.......

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