Friday, 29 June 2012


So....what have I learnt since I last posted....not a lot, sadly. The photos will probably have to stay where they are, unless a helpful Blog Fairy waves it's magic wand....No? Thought not.
However, after many, MANY years of using computers (badly), my friend's daughter pointed out I was using the incorrect apostrophy, and got her mum to show me which one I should be using......I hadn't realised that there was more than one on the keyboard (I don't have this problem with pretty notepaper and fountain pens), so my heartfelt thanks goes to Becky (you know who you are, and I'm sure your French GCSE will go BRILLIANTLY) for stopping me from looking like a complete numpty.
More thanks go to my fabulous photographer friend, Jane, who has taken pity on me, and has said she'll take the photos for me. Well, perhaps not ALL of them, but certainly the really important ones. I hope you are all suitably grateful-her work is amazing...
And now finally to my WIP's. The cupcakes are fun to make, and easy to carry the makings around with me to swimming classes, football sidelines and so on, when I need to be doing "mum" things, but not wanting to be sitting idle......Am I the only (possibly dreadful ) mother, who doesn't feel immense joy, in watching her son practise the same front crawl, up and down an overheated swimming pool, at the end of her already busy day??? Possibly best you don't answer that. Or report me to some child helpline. Anyway, they make really good pincushions.....The cupcakes. Not the children. Or the child helplines.
The quilt will be cot size, when finished, and is the first I've ever made where I've pieced the back (thank you, Amanda Jean Nyberg). I'm afraid I have no idea what any of the fabrics are, though I think the red check is possibly IKEA, the rest being donated scraps. I'll try and get Jane to photograph the finished quilt, so I can sit back and listen to your "ooo"'s and "aaah"'s.

Until then, appreciate the correct apostrophy, and have a truly lovely weekend.

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