Tuesday, 29 July 2014

We're All Going On A .......

...Summer Holiday.....Yay! But before we do, there was a small celebration to be had, in the way of Daughter No.2's 21st Birthday!!
Now living in London (First Degree Honours Graduate, don't you know!!), said daughter could only travel down on Sunday, for a couple of days. South West Trains had other ideas though, and did their level best to cancel all trains going south from Waterloo. However, not without a little cunning, Daughter No.2 managed to get herself as far as Guildford, where, she was assured by Mr. South West, there would be buses ready (and indeed eager) to carry travellers further along southwards to their desired destination. Oh...Mr. South West.....were you never taught that it is unpleasant to lie???
Unfortunately for most, there were no such buses. Nor bikes. Not even a measly roller skate. Fortunately for one, her Auntie sped to the rescue, scooped up niece and brought her safely home. Hooray hooray!
And so celebrate we did. Obviously brought up with great taste, Daughter No.2's chosen method to celebrate (at least with her mother and grandmother present!) was Full Afternoon Tea in a beautiful country-house hotel nearby. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Many Happy Returns of The Day, Darling Girl. xx
And now it's time to pack up the car and make our way north. Five days camping in Harrogate, where I fully intend to divide my time equally between Betty's Tearooms and The Quilt Museum in York, followed by a few more days camping in Wells-Next-The-Sea. I'm so looking forward to it, and as you can see........

...I'm all packed and ready to go!
See you in a couple of weeks. Take care. xx

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  1. Happy birthday to your daughter! I can just about remember being 21! Have a wonderful holiday K! Jxo