Monday, 18 August 2014

Don't worry, you've not come to the wrong place. It's just that browsing Rightmove has become my most recent hobby! I have completely fallen in love with Harrogate and the Yorkshire Dales and would move there tomorrow, should my Rightmove search manage to find ANYTHING within my piggy-bank-budget!
You may remember from my last post that I was about to leave on my holidays...camping in Harrogate? Well, we went...we saw....I fell head over heels in love. The whole area is stunningly beautiful AND it's the home of Betty's Tearooms....what's not to love??

We were very lucky on the day we chose to drop in on Betty, and managed to get a table in the much desired main room, without having to queue round the block! And it was SSSOOO worth it! I would go every week if we lived nearer. Promise.
Then there is the scenery. This is at Aysgarth in the Yorkshire Dales....

And of course we went to Ilkley Moor. Without our hats. Obviously.

Another highlight was a visit to York. The Minster is majestic. As was the £10 per person required if you wished to wander around the inside. We contented ourselves with a wander around the outside.

(Sneaky peek inside!)

And then I was awarded one WHOLE hour off, for good behaviour, in which to visit The Quilt Museum. Photos were not permitted, so you'll just have to take my word that it was amazing. Only a small exhibition, but very well displayed and extremely informative. I found it fascinating that some of the English Paper Piecing quilts still had their papers in, showing household accounts and such, dating from the 1800's. If you get the chance to visit this "bijoux" museum in York, try and get more than one hour allocated to you. It was just about do-able....but I was at a brisk gallop the whole way through!
So all in all, a wonderful holiday.
It hasn't all been Hi-De-Hi and cultural visits though...I have been stitching away. And managed to get a belated present finished....

So now it's time to move onto these that have been waiting in the wings....

Let me assure you that they have gone forth and multiplied. And I have a plan. And a recipient. Watch this space.....
So...time and tide and all that.....
See you soon. xx

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  1. Looks like you had a brilliant time away! It's a wonder you came back!! Jxo