Thursday, 20 June 2013

Fallen Off The Wagon.......Again......

I give thanks each day that I don't like alcohol. I'm also grateful that I'm too much of a control freak, to have ever wanted to try out the drug scene. (And to make it PERFECTLY clear right here, I am NOT mocking, NOR belittling those who struggle with substance heart goes out to you.) I have to admit to having an addictive personality.....and I don't mean that people can't bear to tear themselves away from my alluring self.
All who know and love me well, know that I am incapable of depriving myself of chocolate. I've even been known to eat it whilst suffering a tummy upset, using the thought pattern that if I'm going to throw up, I'd rather it was chocolate making it's way back up, than the usual carrots.
And now it would appear that I have another addiction. I'm defining "addiction" by these criteria :
1. I do not need the item.
2. I can't really afford the item.
3. I have SEVERAL similar items already.
4. I have had many stern conversations with myself, telling myself to STOP buying the item.
5. I have ignored points 1-4.....and fallen off my self-imposed wagon. Again.

So here is my latest fall from grace.....

I'm blaming it on late night browsing. And The Sewing Fairy. But I have to say, it IS really lovely, with some great ideas and lots of pretty eye-candy of the fabric variety.
On another addictive subject, I just HAD to start a new EPP project. I can't say TOO much, as I'm not sure who might be reading, but suffice to say that you won't be seeing many progress shots of this particular project, until after October......

Thanks for popping by. I've got a cup of Earl Grey calling my name....and a spot of reading to do.xx

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