Monday, 15 October 2012

A Little Lipo?

So sorry I wasn't around on overtook me (I wasn't travelling very fast!), namely Daughter No2 home from Uni For the weekend, and A Hospital Appointment.
Daughter No2 had managed to squeeze me into her busy Social Whirl, and invited me out for a cuppa...and I was suitably grateful, so off I toddled. That was the afternoon taken care of.
Then, after collecting The Son from school, I had A Hospital Appointment. I've developed (grown?) a hernia, which my GP had decided was worth getting a surgeon to have a look at. As The Hernia wasn't big enough to go by itself, I had to go along too. Now, I've never had an operation before, so had managed to convince myself that I wouldn't be needing one this time, either. However... Mr Surgeon begged to differ. Well, not so much "begged" as just told me straight. He then went on to explain the procedure, which I managed to block out, from the moment he said "I'll make a small incision....". I said that I presumed that the whole thing would be done under general anaesthetic, to which he replied that, no, it could be done under local. Hmmm. I shared with him the fact that I passed out when I had my ears pierced....He agreed that general would be best. I then went on to ask, if he couldn't do a bit of Liposuction, while he was there. He smiled faintly, and so confirmed what I'd secretly suspected for some time......It's going to take oh-so-much more than a mere hoovering out, to restore any sort of shape to what I once referred to as My Tummy.
Oh well....
Sewing wise, I managed to get a bit done yesterday, once Daughter No2 had shipped out again, using those much loved Half Square Triangles...

....for once all my seams behaved themselves, and I only had one teensy, eensy bit of unpicking to do. Hooray! Just another 6 blocks to go......
See you soon. xx

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