Monday, 3 September 2012

I went...I saw.....I

I have literally just arrived home, after attending my very first New Forest Quilt Group meeting! You know...the one that I was sssooooo excited about, but then had my bubble popped by that fateful
Well, I was granted a night off for good behaviour, and this particular Cinders went to that particular ball. And it was everything I'd hoped it would be and more! I was surrounded by like minded women of all ages, shapes and sizes, all bound together by a common love of cutting up bits of material, only to sew them all back together again!! Heaven.
The speaker for the evening was Sue Dawson, and if anyone ever deserved the title of Master Craftsman (I'm guessing that should be Craftswoman, or Craftersperson....or possibly just Crafter....if I'm going to be politically correct) this was her. She took your basic homespun needlework and transformed it into pure artwork. I actually don't possess the vocabulary to even begin to do her work justice. It was a case of seeing is believing........which has now left me in a sorry state. If I were to live FOREVER I'd still not manage one iota of her level of work.
I completely understand that everyone works to his or her ability and enjoyment. That if a quilt makes you happy, then you've made something to be proud of. But even so.....AAARRRRGGHHH!
I shall leave you , while I go and soothe my frustrations with LASHINGS of chocolate, with my latest quilt top offering....
Thanks for popping by. xx

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