Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder.......

Or so they say. Which means that by now, you should all be reaching the Heavily Besotted Stage. However, in my somewhat limited experiences with affairs of the heart, it's probably more the "And Too Much Makes It Wander" part of that particular phrase. Terrific. I'm blogging for just myself and The Partner....Although, if I'm brutally honest (and there are those amongst you, who know that I absolutely can be!), I force read my posts to The Partner. And question Him afterwards, to make sure He was paying attention. (Hmmm.......I've just read that bit back to myself, and now I'm unsure about using the "H"'s. Don't want anyone thinking I'm reading to/questioning a deity. But "The Partner" becomes a bit lengthy after a while, so I'll let the "H"'s stand. Or sit....Lie down, for all I mind. Right. Moving on....) Just me then...
I have finished hand quilting my Cath's Stacks quilt, that I'm keeping just for me, and I'm so pleased with it.....
Ok. The photo was supposed to appear here---> Pesky, PESKY flippin thing! Well, I suppose I should be grateful that there is at least a photo. I've backed it with the last of the pink sheet that I bought in France last summer.
Oh. So now the photo is where it should be! No rhyme nor reason to this system! As you can see I've trimmed the quilt, but not edged it yet. That's because I'm not sure which fabric I'm going to use yet. Decisions, decisions!!
Well at least you can now see why I wanted to call this quilt "Cath's Stacks"...Cath Kidston fabric...Stacked. How very original. And now the words that I'm typing in to this wretched machine are now coming out from the centre. Go figure!
See you soon. xx

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