Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I'll Try Again......

Right. After yesterday's disaster in the Photo Department, I thought I'd try again.
So I did. I fired up The Dinosaur that is "my" laptop (The Partner's cast-offs), and tried again. Nothing. De nada. Rien. It simply did NOT want my Star photos on my Blog.
Aha, I thought....I can be one step ahead of the silly machine....I'll try and upload said photos onto my Flickr account. So I did. And it did. SUCCESS!
Back to my Blog, smugly confident that I had, indeed, beaten The Dinosaur's system. I tried again, smug look firmly in place. Complete failure.
So. I'm now on The-All-Singing-All-Dancing-With-Bells-On-It Computer. If the photos don't work this time, I give up. I will officially be A Giver-Upperer. Here goes.....

Ok. I give up. I'm going BALD with frustration!!!! SERIOUSLY! I had this SUSSED! Click on little picture thingy, choose photo, click on "select" and VOILA....photo appeared. WHY IS THIS NO LONGER WORKING???????
Going off to sulk now. In a darkened room. With several bottles of gin. And I'm tea-total! xx

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