Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Butterflies Are Stampeding......

Oh. My. Goodness. Just one more sleep, and every time I think about it, my tummy lurches, wakes up the butterflies, and off they race again, all Harum-Scarum. And believe you me, I'm Scarummed enough, all on my own, without pesky butterflies thrown into the mix.
I ABSOLUTELY understand, in the broad light of day, that, in the great scheme of things, a small hernia repair is no big deal......but I am, after all, The Girl Who Passed Out When The Chiropodist Put Too Much Cream On A Verrucah......In my defence, she did use a SCALPEL to scrape off the excess.
Well, I can't think straight enough to be able to add anything of interest, so perhaps best if I sign off now.
Thank you so much for popping by. I'll see you soon......Hopefully.....xx

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