Thursday, 23 August 2012


Hello. I've had SUCH a lovely day today. All positive and sunshiny. The only minor blip, was that I had to get up at the crack of sparrows. Actually, that wasn't the blip, as I'm always up early...if it's not the kids, then it's the dogs.....The blip was that I had to be washed and dressed, ready to leave the house by 8.25am, instead of my usual holiday mode of taking a cuppa back to bed, reading for a bit, getting up in time to give my son his second breakfast, then pondering the day for an hour or so, while still in jimmy-jams.
Anyway, small miracles happened, and I did manage to leave the house on time (clean AND fully clothed!) so that Son could be delivered to his Soccer School. Obviously, the world would cease it's twirling, if there wasn't a football involved, somewhere, to help it spin! And once the Son had been delivered, it was time to hit the delightful village coffee shop, and put the (now happily twirling) world to rights with friends. Which we did.
A quiet lunch followed, at home, with just The Partner. I'm always a little surprised at how calm feeding times at the zoo can be, when I'm not having to churn out 8 different sandwich varities. For only 3 children. And 1 Partner. So quiet was it, that I managed to research several sewing machines, and plan my whole, new quilting empire.
Finally, FINALLY, I even found time to sandwich my quilt top! HURRAY! I'm really loving this one at the moment. It has come together so smoothly, and I like the brights, which are a step away from the norm, for me.
Time for a quick work meeting (I love the fact that I work for a properly sensible, practical lady-you're a good egg, Mikki!), before collecting the Son, and back to reality with a bump......
So, I've got to seriously dash now, as if I don't feed the Tribe within the next 3 nanoseconds, at least one of them is going to fade COMPLETELY away. Apparently.
See you soon. xx

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