Friday, 17 August 2012

Only one more sleep....

I'm so excited! Tomorrow a friend and I are going uo to the NEC, to visit The Festival of Quilts. I realise, that for a lot of you, this would probably warrant as much excitement, as if I were suggesting watching the grass grow. Or paint dry. But for me, it's a big deal. And I've managed to bully my friend, Linda, into thinking it's a great way to spend her Saturday, too!
Linda is picking me up, quite early, and then we've got the WHOLE DAY to wander around various quilts, and stands showing and selling the necessary ingredients needed to make quilts. And the very best bit, is that there will be no-one with me, urging me to look quicker, or moaning that they're hungry, or can we go yet. (Linda, you have been well and truly warned!!)
Another part to the excitement, is that I can go and meet Janet Clare ( of "Freya & Fred" fame, and she'll have her new book available, on her stand. If you haven't seen her work, please use the link (if only because, as you know, it took me all my rocket scince skills to put it there!!) and go and visit. I was inspired to make this...

....for a friend's little girl, from an old tablecloth and some scraps, thanks to Janet's first book "Freya & Fred".
So I shall leave you now, to go and try the link. ( I've got all my fingers crossed that the darn thing actually works) I'll tell you all about the Festival, when I drop by here again, on Monday. Have a lovely weekend Everyone. xx


  1. Thanks for the warning! Will make sure I have a good breakfast. X

  2. the quilt is gorgeous! Thank you for choosing Freya and Fred, I'm very flattered that you like it!