Monday, 27 August 2012


Well....rightly or wrongly, I'm feeling quietly smug! I think progress has been made!! After a lovely morning yesterday, spent having elevenses on the Forest, with great company (Thank you, Emma! And not forgetting Woody, obviously!!), it was off to Tesco for a quick grocery shop, before plucking up my courage and facing The Machine again....
And I'm sssoooo glad I did! These are efforts one and two.....

......then I thought I'd have another attempt at "stippling". All these new technical terms-you'll soon all be fluent in Quilt!! Bet you'll sleep better at nights now!

Please "oooo" and "aaaah" in all the right places! It took me every last ounce of concentration to achieve this. And I shall probably need intensive massage on my shoulders and neck for the next three weeks! And there was me thinking I might be able to do a whole quilt! Ha!
Hope you all have a fabulous Bank Holiday. See you soon. xx

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