Tuesday, 28 August 2012


In the whizz, bang, race, crash, wallop of the day, I managed to catch up with my bestest friend over a cuppa. We've known each other for 42 years (gulp!), we now live closer than we've ever lived, geographically, but because we both whizz, bang, wallop through our days, catching up only ever happens when the stars are aligned, and usually only if there's a "y" in the month!
There was also a lovely, "lazy" (in as much as spending time with four children can be!) picnic lunchyafternoony time, with friends from Eastbourne. This friend I only ever really get to see once a year, maybe twice, so catching up is always fun.
Then drop The Son and The Partner off to play football, before dashing off to yet another friend's house (look at that- three friends! And I don't pay any of them!!) to meet some friends of hers. And such lovely ladies they were! Quilters! They'd been to the Festival, so we had a good chat about that, reliving our best bits, and then, THEN, one of them mentioned a local quilting group, that still had a few places left for new members! With the next meeting on Monday. At a time I can make!! Do you have ANY idea just how long I have waited for such an opportunity? Of course you don't, because obviously you're not me-there are a few blessings there, my friends! But I can tell you.... a LONG, LONG, LOOONNNNGGGG time!! That's real serendipity!
Now I'm this close (I'm making tiny finger distance spaces with my fingers) to finishing my donkey quilt, with my new sewing skills (I use the term "skills" optimistically!), so I shall scurry off, and hopefully have some photos to show you tomorrow.
See you soon.xx

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