Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Hi! I've just got back from such a wonderful afternoon, visiting with my best school friend, and our families-thank you so much, Karen, Nick and Alfie! We were SUPPOSED to meet mid-morning, and spend the day picnicking and fossil hunting. However, heavy rain sort of put a dampner on all that...
We decided to be sensible (if only our old teachers had been here to witness!), and tweeked the day, so that we were to meet mid-route, early afternoon, and spend the afternoon squatting an unsuspecting Tea Rooms. Not, perhaps, the ideal venue, for two active young lads, and two men who would rather be ANYWHERE other than sipping tea, but Karen and I were happy to find a dry somewhere, and do some serious catching up.
I should explain, at this point, that Karen and her family live in Leicestershire (but are holiday-ing in Dorset) and we're in Hampshire, and we all have very busy lives, so we only really meet up every couple of years, or so. Fortunately, Karen and I have one of those friendships, that just seem to seemlessly pick back up, wherever they are left off. Thank goodness! And what is really lovely to see, is that our boys seem to have inherited the same talent as their mother's. Thank goodness! Again.
Anyway...LITERALLY as we drove down Wareham High Street, the rain stopped. As we made our way to a local pub, the sun managed a watery twinkle, and by the time we were ready to leave the rather pleasant pub garden, it was positively GLORIOUS! A decision was quickly made to visit Lulworth Cove, which we did, and it didn't disappoint. The sun shone, the tide was in, the sea was particularly blue, and the views as stunning as ever.
Sadly, as with all good things, our time together came to an end, and it was time to say our farewells. But it's truly great to know, that 34 years later, Karen and I STILL haven't run out of chatter and giggles. I rather suspect Mr. Chadwick would be unsurprised.....
Thanks for popping by. I absolutely promise a bit of needlework for tomorrow!

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