Thursday, 16 August 2012

Just a Few Hours More, Please....

That's just what I've decided. There are simply not enough hours in my day. No matter how early I get up, and how late I go to bed, I seriously need just a few more hours, please, in order to do the things I'd like to do. I've even cut out the mid-afternoon power nap, and I STILL can't fit everything in.
When I say "everything", I'm obviously refering to the nice "everthings". There appears to be PLENTY of time to hoover. More than enough time to wash dirty dishes. Sufficient 10 minute slots in which to dust and sort out washing piles. Not necessarily in that order. The offspring seem to be thriving, which would suggest they get time spent on them. The Partner isn't complaining too loudly, which, again, shows ample time and attention are being sent his way. What I need is the time to sew. Preferably uninterrupted. And in good daylight.
What I get, is a few snatched moments, dotted here and there, throughout the day.....typically just enough to get the machine out, thread it all up, only to find that lunch time has come whizzing in through the back door, and mouths are clammering to be fed. Said machine then has to be put to one side again, while certain rules are followed-sitting at the dinner table, which just happens to double as my sewing table. This pattern (getting machine out, putting machine away) can be repeated under various guises, (children need dropping off somewhere, children need picking up from somewhere, children need feeding. Again.) until I finally get the time to do some serious sewing.
By now, it's usually around 9pm, and I'm banished to the kitchen, and my ironing board workstaion, as The Partner obviously needs to watch the latest space invasion in peace and quiet. peace and quietly as the surround sound can manage. And so I'll sew for the next few hours, left to my own devices, unless the extaterrestial happenings can be paused, while cups of tea are called for.
Variations on a theme may happen, depending on where I'm at in any one project, so the evening might find me working on needlework on the sofa, instead of machining in the kitchen. This is usually less enjoyable, because then I'm obviously having to share my space with marauding martians...
And these are the school holidays! I had such high hopes of all I'd be able to achieve over the 6 weeks that I wasn't required to show up at work. But no. I still find myself going slowly crosseyed, as I stitch my way, under bad lighting, towards the wee small hours.
Okay. Enough already. Until someone comes up with a brilliant new invention, 24 hours is all any of us will get in any one day, and I've just got to make the best of it.
And the best of it is just what I've been trying to do. Here is one of my WIP's at the moment. I found this delightful little book, while in France,

and set about working on this pattern,

in my infinite wisdom, reducing the count size suggested, as I have a frame already, and so need the finished work to measure no more than 9 cms square. This is the start of the larger heart in the center of the design,

blurred, I know, but it was the best my poor camera could do! If I EVER get this finished, and don't blind myself in the process, I shall ask the fabulous Jane to take a proper photo.
I'd best go now. A cuppa was requested a short while ago, and I think the most recent Invaders are becoming impatient to continue conquering the planet. See you soon. Take care.

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