Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mad Dogs And Englishmen.....

Should that be "Englishperson", to remain politically correct? Well, whatever the correctness of the situation, that's the plan for today.......Picnic packing duties will commence shortly, and then it's all off to the beach for lunch.
 When I say "all", I actually mean the partner, the boy and me. Daughters 1 and 2 will not be joining us. I'm actually still not sure when it happened, but I've become a member of a "Half-Family". Once upon a very long time ago, I used to have two daughters who hung off my every limb, if not quite my every word....And now I've been dumped! I understand that life has dealt me an interesting hand of cards, giving me an 11 year gap between having two very girlie girls, and then one very boyie boy, but it's not completely unheard of! I'm not alone in the world of "Big Gaps And Surprises"!
 Perhaps it's the gender difference? Daughters 1 and 2 would happily skip round Gap, Next, H&M and the like (I'd say Hollister too, but you can't skip in there unless you have a torch...you'd bump into something!!), whereas the bribe money needed to sedate my son in these areas, would quite possibly bankrupt me. Suggest, on the other hand, that role reversal happens, and said daughters come to kick a ball around on the rec, and they need blue-lighting in to the nearest oxygen-tent supplier. And believe me, my friends......think it's difficult trying to assert parental authority over your 8 year olds? You're a lost cause if you try it with the "Young Adults" in your life!!
So, time to sort through sandwich fillings, and various half empty bottles of factors 30, 50 and sun-block....Not entirely sure what happened to my fabulous plans of sewing my way through the holidays...

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