Tuesday, 17 July 2012

So-which one is Miranda....& which one is Lu?

It has been pointed out to me (by Lu, no less!) that perhaps I should explain the names behind the blog....Hmmmm....(A moment, please, while I ponder).
Ok. I'll try to make this brief-you've probably got time to get a brew on, do a spot of ironing, clean the car. You get the picture.
A LONG while ago, while I was re-training as a Montessori teacher, it was often remarked on, that Joyce Grenfell and I had a lot in common. (For those of you too young to know, "You Tube" should help.) Admittedly, the two don't readily go hand in hand (Joyce meets Maria....hmmm), but there you have it....I am who I am, and am not very good at pretending otherwise. Leap forward a good few years, and Miranda Hart was beginning to make a name for herself.....can you see where I'm going with this? Yep! You got it!
So, one evening, a creative friend of mine, Lucy, and I were at a party, innocently minding our own business, when we were introduced to some latecomers. Lucy was immediately called "Lu" (and if you all look closely now, you'll see her skin crawl, as she reads this!), much to my amusement. "Lu" didn't have to wait long for her turn for a giggle, as not half an hour later, someone mentioned that I reminded them of someone...."Oh yes-you're just like that Miranda!" Exit party. Quickly.
And that's it, in a nutshell. Miranda & Lu was born. Lucy and I sometimes sell our creative wares together, and needed a name, so we made the obvious step. We have a Misi shop, but it's sadly rather neglected, and could probably do with a good spring clean....Another job for the "To Do" list....
Does that make it all SSSSSSOOOO much clearer now?? Thought not. Oh well...Back to what I do best...

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