Thursday, 12 July 2012


Hands up, those of you who are COMPLETELY fed up with the rain.... Seriously! Enough already! Although it has lead me to the career change decision, that I'm going to re-train as a weather girl! What other job could you have where you are professionally styled (hair and make-up), have a dress allowance and still have a job the next day, even when you got it wrong??? In fact, you could forecast rain every day and it just wouldn't matter....most times you'd get it right (novel thought), and when you didn't, nobody would mind, as they'd all be out in the sun ( hot, ball like object, generally to be found in blue skies).
So, as I haven't got any quilt photos to show you yet - quilting is in progress- I thought I'd leave you with some bunting, that I made earlier, as nobody can be truly glum when there's a bit of bunting to be had....
Thank you for popping by, and remember.....there are some very happy ducks out there!!

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