Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tasty finishings? Dessert anyone?

Hello. Here I am again, and STILL no finished quilt to show you. I'm SOOOOO close to finishing, I can almost taste it....which, in a rather tenuous link, is precisely why I've nothing to show you. Instead of hand finishing the binding on present WIP, I went out with the girls from work. To an all you can eat restaurant.
The place is AMAZING! I'd been before, so knew what to expect, but it was fun to watch my friends' reactions.
Two hundred and fifty dishes on offer. Chinese dishes rubbing shoulders with Indian dishes. Sushi resting happily next door to the noodle bar. Eton Mess trying not to muscle in on the profiteroles. And I've not even MENTIONED the two permanent chocolate fountains.....need I say more?? Eye popping, seam stretching heaven. You can be rest assured that I seriously tested the "All You Can Eat" philosophy. To the enthium degree. The only antidote to that Eaten-So-Much-It's-Painful-To-Breath Syndrome, is, as you all well know, get your dressing gown on, and collapse on your couch.....
Which is precisely what I've done. However. Fatal flaw to my Relieving Plan. I have to drive (an hour round trip) and collect my daughter, as she's returning from London this evening. Technically, I suppose she's returning tomorrow morning, as her coach isn't due in 'til after midnight. So, I've been forced to come to the decision that I will be collecting her in my dressing gown. It is a Cath Kidston one, so obviously it'll be okay! And like I said... I was FORCED to make this tummy literally REFUSED point blank to be strapped back into my jeans....
It'll be ok. As long as I manage to get there, and back without a puncture, all will be well........
And so, as my fellow over-indulgers are probably lying, prone, in their respective beds (I WILL name and shame you Linda, Annabel, Romaine and Jane!), I'm about to don my shoes and head out into the night...Hmmm....Fluffy, blue polka dot and walking boots....PLEASE don't let me get a flat tyre...Please don't let me get a flat tyre...PLEASE don't let me get...... xx

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